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September 12   2021

The Japanese Culture Day at the University of Bergen's Japanese garden

September 12, 2021   12.00-15.00

Japanhagen, Bergen Botanical Garden in UNIVERSITY OF BERGEN

Skipanesvegen 45, 5259 Hjellestad, Norway

This is the fourth time we are arranging a Japanese day in the garden. On this day, we collaborate with the Japanese community in Bergen and the Japanese Embassy to present Japanese art, culture and tradition.
This year we get a visit from artist Lisa K. Bakke who presents her project "Life with nature" a Norwegian-Japanese art project where she brings with her various actors.

Photo and photopolymer: Lisa Karina Bakke
Haiku poems and traditional calligraphy: Yasuko Fujie
Embroidery and calligraphy: Borghild Telnes
Glass art: Yuichi Saito
Contemporary Calligraphy: Nakajima Hiroyuki

In addition to a presentation of the art project, there will be a tour of the Japan Garden, a demonstration of Hanakubari (flower arrangement) and Kendo (Japanese martial arts). In Lønningen amusement park there is a Japanese tea ceremony (sado), an exhibition of Japanese costumes, an exhibition of Japanese literature and you can try Origami (Japanese paper folding).
Manga and other Japanese products are sold. The garden's café serves Japanese food. There will also be a violin concerto with Suzuku Chiori in the Tea Pavilion.





12:00 Opening
Introduction of "Life with Nature" by Consul General Åge Vallestad
Presentation of "Life with Nature" by artist Lisa Karina Bakke followed by Kunstomvisning
Greetings from the Japanese Ambassador Kawamura Hiroshi
Greetings from UiB by UM director Henrik von Achen

12:15 Sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony) by Marius Frøisland (Repeat 13:15, 14:15, tickets will be handed out)

13:00 Violin Concerto by Suzuku Chiori

13:30 Guided tour of Japanhagen with architect and Consul General Åge Vallestad

14:00 Art tour with Lisa Karina Bakke

Activities throughout the day (12.00-15.00)
Kendo (Japanese Martial Arts)
Hanakubari (Flower arrangement)
Bonsai (Botanical Garden Collection)
Origami (Japanese paper folding)
Literature exhibition at Fana library
Japanese traditional costumes
Sale of Manga from Outland
Sale of Japanese food from iCookPopup

September 07  2021

3 Positions-29 Situations

Yuichi Saito - Glass

Lisa Bakke - Photopolymer

Nakajima Hiroyuki - Calligraphy

Filmed on location in the Japanese Garden at Drammens Museum

Konnerudgt. 7, 3045 Drammen, Norway

August 15   2021

Norwegian-Japanese cultural event:
'Life with Nature'

Lisa Karina Bakke: Photopolymer images

Hiroyuki Nakajima: Calligraphy

Yuichi Saito: Glasswork


Åge Kvalbein: Cello /internationally renowned world-class cellist

Maiko Nishino: Dance /ballet dancer at the National Ballet

Liv Lande: Koto /studied Koto in Kyoto and has written a PhD dissertation about koto.

Svein Westad: Mouth harp /internationally renowned mouth harpist

Yasuko Fujie: Haiku /one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry

Gallery Åkern, Kongsberg

Address: Hyttegata 16, 3616 Kongsberg, Norway.      Tel: +47 32732513



August 15, 2 pm- 5 pm

Few seats left for the opening. To secure a place, send advance notice to:



August 16 - August 22, 12 noon- 5 pm

For more information:

Program for the opening event:

2 pm: Reception and opening of the exhibition with Japanese Ambassador

3 pm: Concert in the gallery
Åge Kvalbein plays Turr Brunn. Fugl I Perlemorskyene, by Lasse Thoresen

Dance performance by Maiko Nishino

Liv Lande plays Japanese music for Koto

Svein Westad plays harmonics on mouth harp

Yoko Eriksen reads haiku poems by Yasuko Fujie

4 pm: Refreshments

5 pm: Guided tour of Galleri Åkern garden and the tea house 'Ungetsuan'

The event takes place in collaboration with the Japanese Embassy. Due to infection control considerations, we ask the public to wear masks inside the gallery.

July 25  2021

Everyone is welcome to the exhibition of 'Life with Nature' and the national day of 'Olsok' celebration.

Lisa Karina Bakke - Photography / Photopolymer
Nakajima Hiroyuki - Japanese Calligraphy

Sunday, July 25, 2021  11.00 - 13.00

Skoger Gamle Kirke
Hanevollveien 90, 3039 Drammen, Norway

May ---August  2021

We welcome you to 'Life with Nature' international Art Sales Exhibition with Norway & Japan at Eidsfos Hovedgård in Eidsfoss, Norway. An international art exhibition and a free event is open to everyone on the weekends.

Exhibition Re-opened and welcome to Eidsfos Hovedgård every Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-5pm. Dates: 9/5-24/7 2021

Eidsfos Hovedgård:  Gårdsgata 1, Eidsfoss 3095, Norway


January 28   2021

The Breakfast Seminar+Webinar 

10.30am, Technical College of NTNU in Gjøvik

Helene C. Jenssen/Calligraphy teacher at NTNU Gjøvik

Lisa Karina Bakke/Photographer

Nakajima Hiroyuki/Calligrapher

Yasuko Fujie/Teacher of Japanese & English Literature

Yuichi Saito/Glass artist

Minori Evans/Sumi artist

Stig Førrisdal/Drone Filming

Please contact to register: helene.jenssen2@ntnu.no


2 weeks, at Bright House     https://brighthouse.no

Forest Exhibition "LIFE with NATURE" in Andorsrud, Norway

Majordammen - Andorsrud - Sande - Vestfold - Norge/Norway

October 3,4   2020

1st Exhibition  "LIFE WITH NATURE"

The first exhibition of "LIFE WITH NATURE"  has started as a part of the annual autumn art exhibition in Horten, Norway. The pandemic has given us all an opportunity to reflect up on what really matters in life. Through her camera lens Lisa Karina Bakke rediscovered the importance of being close to nature and she created 8 photopolymers that makes the base of "Life with Nature". To build an international cultural bridge in these uncertain times, she invited the Japanese artist Nakajima Hiroyuki, whose calligraphy signs mean "Life", to join the project. This is the start of an international continuously growing mixed media art collaboration.

Project&Photopolymer by: Lisa Karina Bakke

Calligraphy by: Nakajima Hiroyuki

Haiku by: Susann Helene Hessen

Høstutstillingen i Horten / Autumn Art Exhibition in Horten 

on the 3rd(12pm-5pm) & 4th(12pm-4pm)  in  October, 2020

at Artilleriverkstedet       Kommandørkaptein Klincksvei 1, 3183 Horten, Norway


The first exhibition of "Life with Nature" in Horten, Norway has started on the 3rd October. Wonderful visit from diplomat & cultural attaché from the Japanese Embassy of Oslo - YAMAMORI Takenari with his family to see "Life With Nature", Mixed Media Art Collaboration with Norway & Japan.

Boy in the forest

Boy gesturing

Winter darkness leaving

Mother can see in the forest

Girl in lake

Time ceases

Tadpoles in the net

Playing with freedom

Flower girl

Head wreath is

Living in the flower fields

Eternal summer day

The path

The path dividing

Surrounded by pandemic

Uncertain future

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